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Chapter 80 - Scheme within scheme

“Who is there?”

At the same time, loud shouts from Qing Yun disciples outside Crystal Hall’s entrance were heard but after that, only a few sounds of [Shua] were heard. It seemed like someone highly skilled had flew in and soon after [Peng peng] sounds were heard, several Qing Yun disciples fell and tumbled in.

Outside the door, four shadows materialized in a flash, it was the Evil Faction’s four great sect leaders.

YuYang Zi and God of Poison stood in the middle, Ghost King and SanMiao Fairy flanked the both of them, the four of them took a look into this great hall and unhurriedly walked in.

The oldest, God of Poison, using his mouth, made sounds of [Ze ze], smiled and said, “Old friend DaoXuan, hundred of years not seen, are you still well?”

Reverend DaoXuan’s body trembled, his nostrils shrank, and coldly said, “God of Poison!”

God of Poison gave a big laugh and said, “It is me this old fool. A hundred years ago I was defeated under your sword at the foot of Qing Yun Mountain, today again I see that your elegant demeanour is the same as before, it is a relief that I did not win!”

Reverend DaoXuan’s gaze looked over each of the four person, at the same time, several Evil Faction men walked in successively from the Crystal Hall’s entrance. Looking at those men’s bearing and stance, not one of them would be easy to deal with. Most likely the core of Evil Faction’s strength over these hundred years were all here. Among those that the crowd had seen, Ghost King Sect’s Qing Long, YouJi, Wan Du Clan’s Bai DuZhi etc were all there, and for the rest, very likely they were also the four great branches highly skilled men.

And at somewhere far, cries of battle were getting louder, howls of desperations were also heard from time to time. The used-to-be paradise-like on earth Qing Yun Mountain, right now were being enveloped by the smell of blood, as if it was in hell.

Reverend DaoXuan took a deep breath, with much difficulty he managed to calm his state of mind. Today the trouble started from within, furthermore the external enemy came right into it, one would know without asking, that this was the most dangerous moment for the past hundred years in Qing Yun Sect. And as the Qing Yun thousand-years-old great sect’s reverend Head, he definitely would not allow this inheritance to be destroyed at his own hands.

At that moment, one of the Buddha’s name was suddenly heard, without knowing when, PuHong Master had came to stand beside Reverend DaoXuan, with a light smile in his face, he said, “DaoXuan Senior brother, since ancient times evil never triumphed over the virtuous, my Tian Yin Temple this vein, has always fought with Qing Yun Sect against the evil spirits and evil ways, if there is any assignment, please feel free to instruct.”

DaoXuan was delighted, also at the same time, those people from FenXiang Valley, with ShangGuan elder as their representative, stepped out and stood behind Reverend DaoXuan and PuHong Master.

The four great leaders from Evil Faction countenance slightly changed, God of Poison looked at PuHong, in a deep voice asked, “Which Tian Yin Temple’s Holy Monk is this Master?”

PuHong smiled slightly and said, “This venerable patron is really forgetful, hundred years ago at Good and Evil Faction big battle, we too had the fate to face each other before, how can you instead forgot about this old monk, this old monk is Tian Yin Temple PuHong, beside me is my junior brother, PuKong.”

Tian Yin Temple Four Great Holy Monks were famous beyond words, with the two of them, it amounted to several high skilled fighters from Qing Yun Sect, what’s even more with FenXiang Valley highly skilled fighters beside?

God of Poison turned his head over, knitted his brow at the pale-faced Taoist Cang Song, said, “How did these people came to be here?”

Taoist Cang Song replied fiercely, “These bald donkeys and FenXiang Valley fellows all came suddenly to Qing Yun Mountain this morning, there was no advance notice, I was caught unaware and so was unable to notify.”

PuHong met the glances of FenXiang Valley ShangGuan elder, and both laughed out aloud, FenXiang Valley ShangGuan Ce gave a big laugh and said, “This is what they say evil will not triumph over the virtuous, Heaven’s net has wide meshes, today definitely will let you these presumptuous evil demons, the whole lot of you to be executed on this Qing Yun Mountain!”

“Heihei” a cold sneer, standing beside God of Poison, the one whom was recommended by the majority of the Evil Sect to be the leader of this exercise, YuYang Zi, with an arrogant expression, sneered and said, “Hundred years ago, my Holy Sect seniors too used only our own sect’s strength and fought against your three big sects, how can it be that today we will fear all of you!”   

“Well said!” sounds of cheers immediately shouted, mostly came from the group of people standing behind the four great leaders, even Ghost King who was standing beside, also clapped and laughed.

“Today will let all of you see, whether we are the ones to be executed or is that you are the ones to suffer death!”

This sentence, he said it with absolute savageness, looking disdainfully at everyone, not one of the Good Faction people did not change countenance, their expressions revealing abhorrence, especially the last word, “death”, Ghost King specifically emphasized on it, with the intention of sarcasm.

Reverend DaoXuan coldly laughed, was about to say something, but Evil Faction’s YuYang Zi seemed to be the most impatient, waved his hand and at once, different colored streams of light floated out of all of the Evil Faction’s highly skilled fighters’ hands, obviously they were going to fight immediately.

In Good Faction, Qing Yun, Tian Yin Temple members immediately focused their defence, knowing that in front of them would be the most deathly Evil and Good Faction big battle for the past hundred year, PuHong chanted in a low voice, “Amitabha Buddha, Sadhu, Sad…”

Unexpectedly he had not finished his words, something unexpected happened, when everyone’s attention was on the Evil Faction in front of them, suddenly several streams of light floated out at the same time, in them there were even two with sharp beams, hitting directly onto PuHong’s defenceless back!


In that instant, Good Faction was like a pot that had exploded, it was a complete mess, shrill cries and howls immediately cried out at the same time.  PuHong Master saw darkness in front of him, he felt two great energy forcibly pounded onto his back, an immeasurable force smashed in, another instead turned into a sharp slim needle, stabbed straight through.

PuHong Master staggered, [Pu] spurted out a spray of blood. What kind of figure is he [Translator’s note: a rhetorical statement] , at once he knew that there were still traitors among the Good Faction, his entire divine “Great Brahman Wisdom True Way”, without hesitation travelled around his whole body, forcibly stopped that enormous assault, at the same time without turning his head, flung one of his sleeves backwards.

[Peng Peng] two muffled sounds were heard, two cries of surprise sounded from the people behind, obviously they suffered some harm, that great energy suddenly dispersed, but the other  like-poisonous needle stream of energy, instead turned into something with form, eventually pierced through that unable-to-defend-in-time Great Brahman Wisdom body shield, and drilled into his body.

Within a short while, Qing Yun Tian BuYi and the rest already rushed over, one after another they attacked but once the assailants attacked, they immediately flew up and over to Evil Faction group of people.

Taking the lead, surprisingly was FenXiang Valley ShangGuan Ce, and the others that were assailing the rest, were all FenXiang Valley people.

In the Good Faction, including PuHong who was assailed, PuKong and the rest of the Tian Yin Temple members, were all dumbfounded. Reverend DaoXuan, after a long while, then tried to calm down his mind, pointing at ShangGuan Ce and said, “You, what are you doing? Don’t tell me FenXiang Valley have also sought refuge with Evil Faction?”

ShangGuan Ce stood beside Evil Faction four great leaders and Taoist Cang Song, his gaze met with theirs at the same time, suddenly [Haha] laughed out loud, their demeanor extremely savaged, filled with complacency.

Ghost King laughed heartily and spoke to Reverend DaoXuan, “Who said they were FenXiang Valley people...”

Reverend DaoXuan was about to speak, suddenly lost his voice, slowly turned his head and stared at Taoist Cang Song, his face paled, “Good, good, you did well, it was indeed crossing the sea by a trick!” [Translator’s note: An idiom which means using deception to achieve one’s aim]

Taoist Cang Song [Hehe] a cold sneer, looking extremely pleased with himself, laughed and said, “This is all thanks to Ghost King Sect Head who is wise and full of stratagems, once he heard that today Tian Yin Temple bald donkeys suddenly came without invitation, and would ruin my big plans, he immediately thought of sending highly skilled fighters to disguise as FenXiang Valley disciples, picked a few that do not usually roam on earth and leave it to me to present them, Hehe, it was indeed success at one go!”

Reverend DaoXuan’s body swayed, glanced over, this sneak attack by Evil Faction, most of their targets were concentrated on Tian Yin Temple monks, nine out of ten were badly injured. Especially their Head, PuHong Master, his face as white as sheet, as of now, he could no longer stand. Under his disciple, FaXiang’s assistance, he slowly sat down, his back was badly mangled. As for the others, they themselves were no better, even within Qing Yun, five or six elders were also hurt.

Reverend DaoXuan’s inside seethed and churned, his heart also gradually sank down, smiled bitterly and said, “Excellent, excellent, to think I have lived in vain for these many years, I actually did not think that FenXiang Valley ShangGuan Ce fellow brother has always been guarding ‘Inferno Altar’  and never stepped out of FenXiang Valley, and actually did not suspect you!”

Ghost King looked at him, smiled and shook his head, said, “You didn’t not think of this, I guess you didn’t expect that your Taoist Cang Song junior brother betrayed you?”

Another bitter laugh from Reverend DaoXuan.

Crystal Hall, sank into silence. The Good Faction members looked at each other, at this moment, whoever could also see that Evil Faction had already gained a huge advantage. Although there were still not a few senior experts over at Qing Yun side, but there were even more at Evil Faction side. Among the Tian Yin Temple monks, looking over right now, those that could fight were estimated to be less than half, and only PuKong and FaXiang escaped being hurt because of their vigilance.

Especially PuKong, it seemed like he had changed into a totally different person right now. He held a golden alms bowl in his palm, emanating golden rays of lights everywhere, looking much like a fiend. In front of him, a bloody mess of flesh. One of the Evil Faction highly skilled fighter had tried to secretly attack him but was unsuccessful and instead was smashed into pulp by PuKong magical weapon ‘Buddha Golden Alms’.

But the most important thing was, the two masters who had been known as the world’s Good Faction Mount Tai and North Star - Reverend DaoXuan and PuHong Master, were seriously injured at the same time, looking at them right now, PuHong Master was as white as sheet, although Reverend DaoXuan was slightly better but no matter how one tried to see, it seemed like an arrow at the end of its flight.

Is it that the world’s Good Faction, really coming to its fated end?

This question, equivalent to the heaviest stone, weighed heavily on the Good Faction minds.

On the contrary, not one of the Evil Faction was not jubilant, for hundred over years Evil Faction had been chased off from Central Plains and stranded in Wildlands, today they could let out all of their resentment in one shot, how not to be high-spirited?

YuYang Zi felt that this time round that he took charge, Holy sect was able to deal with the incomparable formidable Good Faction two massive schools in one fell swoop, in his future days within the Holy sect, his status would definitely be placed above the rest, maybe from today onwards, he would be able to bring up Chang Shen Hall to what eight hundred years ago Elder Blackheart’s Blood Forger Hall scale.

Once he thought of this, YuYang Zi became more conceited, smiling arrogantly and speaking to Reverend DaoXuan, “Dao Xuan old thief, quickly hand over your sect’s treasure ‘Zhu Xian Ancient Sword’ and submit to our Holy Sect, I will spare all of your lives! Hahaha…”

Several highly skilled fighters standing behind him laughed together with him, it seemed like those hundred years of grievances, could only be released off today!

And at a distance away, the never-ending cries of Qing Yun disciples from fighting at close combat on TongTian Peak, seemed to cast a tragic foreshadow on the destiny that Qing Yun Sect would face today.

On Reverend DaoXuan’s face, a unwavering determination appeared on his pale expression, scoffing at YuYang Zi, he coldly replied, “Even if today my Qing Yun Sect is ruined by all of you, don’t expect us to bend our knees and submit.”

After which he retreated a few steps and returned to the Qing Yun Sect group. Tian BuYi, Shang ZhengLiang and the rest of the branches leaders at the same time surrounded him. His favourite disciple, Su YiCai, supported his body and spoke in an urgent low voice, “Teacher, your body…”

Reverend DaoXuan snorted, impatiently said, “Right now disaster is right before our eyes, Tian Junior brother, Zeng Junior brother, TianYun Junior brother, all of you stay here to defend for a while, ShuiYue Junior sister, you to lead a few of the 2nd generation disciples and take Tian Yin Temple fellow friends away first, they were injured because of us, we cannot let them suffer further injuries.”

The ones who were instructed immediately acknowledged, Tian BuYi said, “Sect Head Senior brother, leave this place to us, you are severely injured, quickly go, as long as the green hills last, another day again…”

He suddenly stopped and did not continue, but everyone knew the meaning of his words, Zeng ShuChang and the other leaders nodded their heads at the same time, but Reverend DaoXuan gave a miserable laugh, said, ”Our ancestor's work, don’t tell me you all actually asked me to give it up and disregard it? I, DaoXuan, would rather die than be a sinner forever!”

Tian BuYi and the rest kept quiet, DaoXuan took a look at the already restless Evil Faction people, and suddenly seemed to make up his mind on something, spoke lowly, “Since things have already reached this stage, I have to violate our founders’ commandment, and use that as the final kill!”

The others, including most of the elders, were all stunned.

DaoXuan took a deep breath, said, “There is not much time, I will go and invite the Zhu Xian Ancient Sword, all of you…” he looked around then urgently said, “Regardless of how you all think of me, but with things now, all of you need to be very careful!”

Tian BuYi and the rest were visibly moved, and were about to speak when suddenly wild laughter was heard, lights from magical weapons flashed, the Evil Faction group had finally started.

In an instant inside the Crystal Hall which was originally solemn and dignified, magical weapons danced, strange lights swept everywhere, loud crashes and rumbles constantly erupted.

In the chaos, taking advantage of Qing Yun elders defending the wild attacks from Evil Faction skilled fighters, ShuiYue led the young disciples and brought the various Masters from Tian Yin Temple who were injured, into the back halls, Reverend DaoXuan too, walked to the back but his footsteps showed that he was staggering.

Tian BuYi saw that while he was battling, and felt anxious. Sweeping his gaze, he used his scarlet ablazed celestial sword to force the Evil Faction enemy in front of him to retreat, in a flash appeared beside the pale-faced QiHao, Lin JingYu, whom were fighting together with the other elders, and urgently said, “We don’t need you here, go and escort Sect Head Reverend now!”

QiHao, Lin JingYu’s bodies shook, but looking at Tian BuYi’s stern expression, they did not dare to disobey. Also, with the sudden betrayal of Long Shou Valley Head, Taoist Cang Song, to the Long Shou Valley disciples, it was a bolt from the blue, they had already lost their directions, right now they quickly acknowledged and followed after Reverend DaoXuan.

Looking at their back figures, SuRu who was battling at the side, frowned. After a while, she too found an opportunity to break away and sneaked up to Song Daren and Tian LingEr, quietly said, “Your Taoist Cang Song Teacher Uncle suddenly betrayed us, we do not know if the disciples under him can be trusted, you too should go after your Sect Head Reverend!”

Song Daren and Tian LingEr were shocked, but after which they understood and immediately followed. SuRu was about to turn back when suddenly out of the corner of her eye, in this heaven and earth turning upside down big battle, Zhang Xiao Fan, the little disciple who was the center of everyone’s attention a while ago, right now was standing alone and being ignored, strangely staring ahead of the Evil Faction, not moving at all.

She frowned, actually her thoughts were the same as Tian BuYi, never did she believe that this little disciple would be a spy from Evil Faction, and concerned that Zhang Xiao Fan’s skill level was too low, immediately flashed over to his side and gently tapped on his shoulder.

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body shook, turned his head around to look, SuRu’s heart suddenly went cold, Zhang Xiao Fan’s eyes were all bloodshot, although he still looked alert but without knowing why, a strange demonic aura was felt.

But as the situation was too urgent now, SuRu was unable to deliberate much, spoke, “Xiao Fan, this place is too dangerous, you should too follow your big senior brother and LingEr senior sister.”

Zhang Xiao Fan paused for a while, but under his Teacher wife’s gaze, who had always loved and protected him since young, finally nodded his head and ran into the back halls.  

SuRu felt relieved and following which, she dived into the battle, joining the increasingly fierce fight!

Within the loud rumbles, the sounds of various magical weapons clashing fiercely, Zhang Xiao Fan ran into the back hall, and caught up to Song Daren and Tian LingEr, and soon caught up to QiHao and Lin JingYu, the few of them surrounded Reverend DaoXuan, Reverend DaoXuan took a look at them and nodded his head slightly, but when his gaze fell upon Zhang Xiao Fan, his gaze subconsciously stopped and moved away.

Not knowing what Zhang Xiao Fan was feeling but the firestick that he was holding in his hand, green light was seen faintly rippling through, his head felt dizzy from time to time, and waves of murderous energy like burst of fierce spirits, shot up into his head and he couldn’t help but to think of the smell of blood.

Just that, right now, everyone had something weighing heavily on their minds, absolutely nobody noticed Zhang Xiao Fan’s strange look. After a while, Lu XueQi and WenMin from Little Bamboo Valley also appeared in front of the group.   

Lu XueQi took a glance at Zhang Xiao Fan, and spoke to Reverend DaoXuan, “It was Teacher who instructed WenMin Senior sister and me to come over!”

Reverend DaoXuan sighed and shook his head slightly, but without saying anything, continued to move forward.

Without waiting for them to go far, they could hear booms and rumble sounds as loud as thunder behind them, a few streams of light as thick as a pillar broke through Crystal Hall’s roof and shot towards the sky, carrying a few cries, who would know who had lost their lives?

The group countenance changed, without asking, all of them knew how vicious had the fighting in Crystal Hall became and couldn’t help but worry for their respective branches seniors. Reverend DaoXuan stared deeply towards that direction, his expression tight, suddenly flung his robe and walked on.

The young disciples followed behind him, looking at the figure of someone whom they had always revered like God, right now his posture was still as before, upright and tall, but on his dark green robe, that startling stain of fresh blood which had turned black, and even that sword thrust wound left behind by Cang Song’s assassination, were all clearly seen.

How could Reverend DaoXuan, after suffering these severe injuries, still be able to bear it?

The lot of them went past the hall, among the young disciples, none of them were the lead disciples, which meant none of them came here before. Following Reverend DaoXuan who passed the hall and the garden, slowly, the clamour noises from Crystal Hall started to disappear, after they had passed Crystal Hall’s back hall, they instead walked towards TongTian Peak rear hill.

Reverend DaoXuan took the lead, the rest of them followed closely behind, staying alert and observing the surroundings, although most of the Evil Faction members were all attacking the front of the hill, but who knows if there would be anyone led in by Taoist Cang Song to the rear of the hill.

Zhang Xiao Fan walked behind the group, both of his eyes were faintly red, no expression on his face but in the depth of his heart, it was instead like terrifying waves, shocked by Qing Yun Sect’s calamity and at the same time, struggling with his past vengeance. In his memory, although he had not seen the killer who had massacred Grasstemple Village villagers, but whenever he recalled that scene, he would think of that vicious mysterious black-attired man.

And looking at it today, it was most likely Taoist Cang Song!

Although there were two orphans from Grasstemple Village, but only Zhang Xiao Fan had seen that black-attired man battling with PuZhi, and since he had confirmed it today, immediately the aged-long hatred surfaced, and that firestick in his hand, which was smelted with the world’s two most lethal weapons, Sinister Orb and Soul Absorbing stick, were triggered by his owner’s hatred and at once, the deeply buried evil currents surfaced, and instead influenced Zhang Xiao Fan more.

If this happened on normal days, even without Reverend DaoXuan’s skills, Tian BuYi would have long discovered something strange with Zhang Xiao Fan, but right now who would have the mind to care about him. Just that nobody knew, this little small disciple of Qing Yun, was actually in an extremely agitated state, the critical moment between the Heaven and man’s war. If he was not careful, he would be tainted by the evil ruthless energy of Sinister Orb and Soul Absorbing stick, lost and beyond redemption!

As expected, the truth proved Tian BuYi, ShuiYue and the rest’s concerns as valid. Although the small road at TongTian Peak rear hill was secluded, but within a short while of walking, several Evil Faction disciples suddenly rushed out from both sides, QiHao and the rest immediately went up to defend.

Revered DaoXuan only took a glance, disregarded the scene and walked straight ahead. The attack on Qing Yun, most indeed was Evil Faction’s elites, even the ones hiding here, were not lowly skilled too, QiHao, Lu XueQi and the rest were unable to subdue them in a hurry.

Song Daren and the others continued to protect Reverend DaoXuan, leaving QiHao and Lu XueQi to handle the enemies, right now there was actually a question in everyone’s mind -- why did Reverend DaoXue not use flight, could it be that his injuries were so severe until to that degree?

Just that right now nobody dared to ask him. After a short while, a crash was heard, several more Evil Faction disciples dashed out from both sides, Song Daren and WenMin, Tian LingEr blocked them, Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin JingYu also went forward.

Song Daren impatiently said, “Three of us is enough, quickly go protect Head Sect Reverend!”

Lin JingYu gritted his teeth, pulled Zhang Xiao Fan and ran forward, and caught up again with Reverend DaoXuan. This time round, surprisingly they did not encounter Evil Faction disciples, Reverend DaoXuan led them on a secluded small road in the rear hill for a distance, and stopped at a junction of three roads.

Lin JingYu and Zhang Xiao Fan also stopped, Zhang Xiao Fan did not speak a word while Lin JingYu raised his head and looked at Reverend DaoXuan.

Reverend DaoXuan turned back to look, and suddenly froze, his face expression changed. It seemed to be destined, these two person, were the same two orphans from the Grasstemple Village at that time.

“After this, will be our Qing Yun Sect Holy ground, ‘Illusory Moon Cave’. I am going in, you all will wait here and do not let any of the Evil Faction get in! The other road leads to ‘Founders Ancestral Hall’, you all…”

Lin JingYu with a look of determination, nodded his head seriously, loudly replied, “Sect Head please don’t worry!”

Reverend DaoXuan looked at him but his gaze also fell upon the ‘Dragon Slayer Sword’ in his hand. The Dragon Slayer Sword’s Jade Green Ball was roaming around in this quiet and peaceful hill scenery, as if it was thirsting for something?

This young man, full of eagerness and determination, indistinctly...Reverend DaoXuan suddenly turned around, gazed towards the road that led to Founders Ancestral Hall, without saying another word, looked towards the other road and walked on.

Lin JingYu watched until Reverend DaoXuan disappeared from the small road, then turned around, his eyebrows frowning deeply, he was unable to calm his state of mind, even his breathing became heavier. But it was understandable, Qing Yun had suddenly encountered a big calamity, and the one whom he had always regard as a father figure, Taoist Cang Song, suddenly betrayed them, how could it not caused him to feel that his world was spinning around.

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly raised his head, looking towards the foot of the hill, Crystal Hall’s direction, but he could only see the dense forest, even the corner of the Hall’s roof could not be seen; instead on the other road, leading to Founders Ancestral Hall, behind the forest, there was an indistinct house outline, bell tolls were also heard faintly.

From the extreme, tensed battle to this extremely secluded place, both of them could not adjust their feelings momentarily, Lin JingYu panted heavily, breathed deeply and slowly slowed down his own breathing.

Suddenly, ahead of them, a dragon’s fury filled cry was heard. Although the distance was great but the sound waves were like terrifying waves that crashed over, the earth seemed to shake. Both of them were startled, Lin JingYu was the first to recover, happily said, “Its Senior Spirit!”

Zhang Xiao Fan also recognised the cry, it was indeed Water Unicorn’s cries of fury, it was obvious that the thousand year spirit beast that had protected Qing Yun Hill, was finally awakened and attacked.

But it was indeed unimaginable, that Qing Yun intense battle situation could be rumbling to what extent!

Both of them had their own thoughts while waiting for Reverend DaoXuan, but their quiet moments were short-lived, footsteps were suddenly heard, both of them were alarmed, secretly wishing that it would be the rest of them arriving, if not…

Unexpectedly Heaven seemed to be against Qing Yun, after a short while, five Evil Faction disciples appeared, and their leader, was the one who had plotted against PuHong Master, the fake ShangGuan Ce. Looking at them here, he immediately started to grin hideously and dashed forward, and among the group, there were a few who looked behind them, looking around.

Lin Zhang both of them, lost countenance, with Lin JingYu quick reflexes, one look and he knew they were not mediocre fighters, not to say he himself could handle them but whether the five of them would combine their strengths to fight, was the issue. But the Illusory Moon Cave that Reverend DaoXuan went in,  in whatever circumstances, they could not let them in. In the anxious moment, he hardened his heart and made a decision, spoke in a low voice to Zhang Xiao Fan, “Xiao Fan, I will lead them to the other side, you stay here and guard well!”

Zhang Xiao Fan was stunned, and had not recovered his senses when Lin JingYu had already dashed out, the Dragon Slayer Sword turned into a jade green ray, swept towards that five black-attired men, the momentum magnificently displayed.

The fake ShangGuan Ce and the rest were shocked, their expression immediately turned solemn, they did not expect that this small junior Qing Yun disciple’s skills were so high. They immediately surrounded him, leaving the fake ShangGuan Ce alone directing the fight, at the same time observing Zhang Xiao Fan’s movement.

Lin JingYu fought them together, it was indeed that these Evil Faction disciples’ skills were not mediocre, three among them were only slightly weaker than him, but only one of them, was well-matched in strength, right now the four of them surrounded and attacked him, he was immediately at a disadvantage.

Lin JingYu frowned deeply, he did not wish to continue fighting and immediately extricated himself and retreated towards the other path. That fake ShangGuan Ce hesitated for a slight moment but then soon led three of the fighters to chase after him, leaving only one black-attired man with Zhang Xiao Fan standing at the same spot.

That black-attired men sneered, looked at Zhang Xiao Fan, but this young man seemed to hear something and slowly looked up.

Appearing before him, was a pair full of unknown violent evil bloodshot eyes!

Qing Yun’s tranquil forest, cries of startled birds were suddenly heard, a burst of commotion.

Far away, Water Unicorn’s cries of fury were heard faintly, reverberated within Heaven and Earth!

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