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Chapter 116 - Escape

Inferno Altar.

The Inferno Altar, so imposing and huge that it gave an indestructible impression, suddenly started to shake violently. The nine-tailed celestial fox and Xiao Hui who were located at the third level of the Inferno Altar, were thrown to the side by this sudden huge force. But they were after all intelligent spiritual beasts and very quickly they found their footing.

In the darkness recesses ahead, a dark red light slowly lighted up, indistinctly revealed Ghost Li’s figure.

The Inferno Chain locked at the nine-tailed celestial fox’s waist started to glow, from the dark red colour to bright red, from afar, it looked like liquid fire was flowing along the strange chain and flaming.

The nine-tailed celestial fox quietly humphed, pain revealed in its eyes. Xiao Hui standing beside, looked at the nine-tailed celestial fox and then at the figure in the darkness.

The dark red light became even brighter, revealing the stone platform in front of Ghost Li. The Inferno Mirror was placed by Ghost Li on the platform, in the dark, there seemed to be silent shouts, like indignation, like rage.

That ancient flame totem in the heart of the Inferno Mirror, pulsed with light, like fire burning!


Suddenly, a boom was heard below and immediately a burst of hot air gushed up, turning this icy-cold third level into a red blazing place.

The innumerable huge ice around them started to melt, disintegrating ceaselessly, the ice crystals which were still radiating faint beautiful blue lights before they disappeared, reflected the surroundings between sudden darkness and brightness.

The entire place,in the dance between the heat waves roars and the soundless ice cubes, displayed a sight rarely seen in the world. Xiao Hui turned its head over, three of its eyes blinked and grinned, transfixed; and the nine-tailed celestial fox seemed to disregard the cold and hot rare scene behind it at all, a pair of fox’s eyes staring at Ghost Li beside the dark red light.

Following the gradually brightening light on the flame totem, the enormous Inferno Chain started to emit sounds of [ka ka], the intensity of the light on the chain also increased, like it was about to burst out in flames. At the same time, the pain in the nine-tailed celestial fox’s eyes increased, the furs around the Inferno Chain at its waist actually turned brown.

The temperature in the air kept on increasing, sounds of explosions were heard in the Inferno Altar below, the sounds appeared to be the roaring raging volcano lava rising and falling turbulently.

And in this strange scene of explosions and strange lights flashing everywhere, the nine-tailed celestial fox suddenly trembled, its fox head turned abruptly, turning away from the Ghost Li’s figure which it had been staring at.  

At a far away distance, outside of this turbulent, dramatic hubbub, a long whistle seemed to be heard, carrying immense anger and shock, flying at full speed over!

The nine-tailed celestial fox’s countenance changed, its eyes suddenly full of anxiety, its head whipped back and was about to speak…


A muffled rumble, sounded at this moment.

The stone platform in front of Ghost Li, in the mysterious divine power of the Inferno Mirror, made a deep loud sound, as if it was unwilling, and started to sink down. The Inferno Mirror slowly floated up from the platform, shifted into the mid-air, radiating pure red light.

Following the platform descension, the surrounding stone walls started to tremble, a deep crack appeared and closely following after it, was another crack. At the same time, that Inferno Chain, deeply embedded into the stone wall, also started to quiver, the quivering speed rapidly increased  and finally, when the seventh crack appeared on the stone wall, a deafening boom was heard, the once indestructible Inferno Chain like a dead snake, without its brilliancy, fell from the nine-tailed celestial fox’s waist and onto the floor.

The nine-tailed celestial fox, among the ice and fire, darkness and light, raised its head and howled long!

The howl was mournful and distant, reverberated far away until it became one with the raging volcano roars, piercing and sonorous, unceasingly!

In that instant, as if it was the force from the enraged fire, that surging turbulent waves made a thunderous boom, the deafening blast burst up, immediately innumerable cracks appeared at the sturdy stones under their feet.

Ghost Li with one hand, grabbed the Inferno Mirror and put it in his bosom and walked back with quick steps. Xiao Hui [zhi zhi] called out, ran and leapt up to his shoulder.

White mist gathered rapidly around the nine-tailed celestial fox, turning thicker in an instant, shrouding the white fox’s body, after a moment, a series of strange [suo suo] sounds were heard, in the white haze that was incessantly invading the atmosphere which were turning hotter and hotter by the waves of increasing heat, a human figure slowly emerged.

A white as jade hand, illuminated by the fire light to look faintly translucent, as if blood could be seen flowing faintly in the thin veins. The smooth shoulder, perfectly round and not a single blemish, the indistinct like gentle rising peaks, so mysterious and out of place in this fierce and brutal world.

Ghost Li could not see the person’s face clearly and also did not have the time to look.

Finally, like it could not bear it anymore, the volcano which had lay dormant for infinite time, erupted, underneath them the earth quaked violently, everything started to fall, the air was so blistering hot that it felt as if it was going ignite, even breathing in also felt like fire.

The deafening blast rocked out from deep inside the earth, the weaken flagstone floor instantly collapsed down. From where the dark-green light flashed, Ghost Li’s face was grim, he leapt up into the air, from the white haze where the nine-tailed celestial fox had transformed, she was heard saying,


Ghost Li did not think twice, flew up and as expected, briefly after, the solid stone walls above their heads also crumbled following the floor, Ghost Li, among the rain-like falling broken fragments, avoided and dashed up with full force, Xiao Hui [zhi zhi] shrieked, grabbed tightly onto Ghost Li’s clothes. And the nine-tailed celestial fox, shrouded within the white haze, followed closely behind.

Below them, the molten lava broke through all of the obstacles, like a giant column of fire, burst into the sky, following closely behind them.

The entire FenXiang Valley was instantly illuminated by the blazing red light, everyone looked up at that giant fire column shooting up to the sky.

Even the black clouds in the sky, was penetrated through by this powerful earth force!

From the heart of the fire column, the black clouds in the sky had totally turned into the colour of fire, like the entire sky had turned into a burning sea of fire.

After a while, the burning ashes, massive stones fragments, cinders fell out from the sky, either burnt or burning, like an apocalyptic sombre rain!

Nobody saw the figures of Ghost Li and the nine-tailed celestial fox, the Red-eyed Eagles which were released to surveil from the sky, right now were also fleeing for their lives, not to even mention pursuing.

For the moment, FenXiang Valley men other than some occasionally exclaimed in surprise, were speechless, even the human fishes were also rendered speechless by this Heaven and Earth phenomenal.

Only at that fire column end, below the Inferno Altar, a bellow of anger could be heard far away, roaring unceasingly!

Far away, that terrible fire column had already disappeared, the earth also gradually regained its stillness, only in the layers of clouds, a giant black hole could still be seen clearly, the surrounding clouds around the black hole, like being burnt, displayed a strange golden yellow colour.

After leaving the FenXiang Valley far away, Ghost Li landed at a secluded hill, the area was exuberant with trees and vegetations, even if FenXiang Valley men were to pursue them, they would need at least half a day. And furthermore with the expanse of lands around FenXiang Valley, it would not be that easy.

He landed on the ground, the dark-green light withdrew with a flash, the nine-tailed celestial fox was heard landing shortly after. Ghost Li did not turn and stood unmoving.

There was no sound coming from the back too.

After a while, Ghost Li indifferently said, “Do you need clothes?”

For some reason, in the voice from the back suddenly had a trace of light lovely feel , “Hm, thanks GongZi.”

Ghost Li took off his coat and threw backwards, during these actions, he still did not turn, just that the monkey Xiao Hui crouching at his shoulder, was not like its master at all, its head turning here and there, looked at Ghost Li and then behind, scratching its head at times, seemed to be baffled.

The soft rustling sound of dressing was especially distinct in the still forest, the night illuminated by the peculiar clouds in the sky, gradually started to dim again.

Even separated by a long distance, in the night breeze blowing over, it carried torrid heat.

“GongZi, it is done.” That female voice behind him, quietly said.

Ghost Li did not turn immediately, instead stood still for a while and then slowly turned over.

A girl wearing his coat, quietly stood in the dim night, in the forest, before him.

Her figure was slender and graceful, the misfit coat could not hide her perfect figure. The coat to her, obviously was too big, wrapped around her body and fastened in front, was still unable to conceal the fair skin revealed in-between the gaps, in this type of night, it seemed to emanate a faint seduction call.

Her lips was soft, her eyes enchanting, her nose sharp, her brows arched. Her beauty, was like the gentle waves of the flowing water that embraced you, making you intoxicated; or like a beautiful woman whose beauty had permanently froze for hundred thousand years, even after the  storm and snow, it became even more beautiful.

Ghost Li was silent, after a while, turned his head over.

Xiao Hui crouched on the ground, looked at its master gazing far away, Ghost Li since earlier had been gazing at the horizon, wondered what was he thinking?

The fair hand stretched over, Xiao Hui turned and grinned, stretched out its own monkey hand, under the grey fur, its fingers looked to be even longer than human.

The nine-tailed celestial fox transformed into this female human figure, gently squatted beside the monkey, her clothes shuffled slightly, indistinctly a faint spring scene swayed.

She quietly smiled, looked at Xiao Hui with interest, then stretched her jade-like hand, gently take Xiao Hui’s finger.

Xiao Hui [zhi zhi] smiled.

Her eyes seemed to be smiling too, she gently said, “I want to thank you too.”

Xiao Hui’s eyes blinked, suddenly nodded unceasingly, its expression conceited.

That girl laughed, stretched her hands and hugged Xiao Hui into her embrace, stood up and walked unhurriedly over to Ghost Li.

Raising head and looking into the distance, that distant mountain concealed by the night.

“Three hundred years already, “After gazing for a long time, she slowly said, “a total of three hundred years of time…”

Ghost Li turned to look at her, she was still gazing far away, Xiao Hui in her embrace for some reason, was very quiet, its eyes looking at Ghost Li.

From the side, in the outline of her gentle face, there seemed to be a inexplicable obstination.

After remaining silent for a long while, she suddenly sighed, shook her head, turned and looked at Ghost Li, smiled.

That beauty, like a lily blossoming in the night!

Ghost Li asked, “What is your plan?”

The nine-tailed celestial fox smiled, seemed to look lost, softly said, “Tell me more about the place where Xiao Liu killed himself. If there is a chance in the future, I’ll like to go there and take a look.”

Ghost Li lowered his head, a gleam seemed to flash past his eyes, he said, “At a place called Little Pond Town near KongSang Mountain in the north, there is a small forest within ten miles of the town, in the forest there is a Black Stone Cave, the place is at the deepest recesses underneath the cave, it will not be hard to find.”

The nine-tailed celestial fox smiled faintly, nodded.

Ghost Li glanced at her, seemed to hesitate but then his hand stretched into his bosom and took out the Inferno Mirror.

In the night, the ancient flame totem on the Inferno Mirror, faintly glowed.

Reflecting in the nine-tailed celestial fox’s eyes, like two balls of tiny flames.

“This, “ Ghost Li looked at the Inferno Mirror in his hand, passed it over, “better return to you, it was originally your son’s belonging.”

The nine-tailed celestial fox was surprised, looked up at him and slowly took the Inferno Mirror, she played with it in her hand for a while and suddenly said, “Do you know this Inferno Mirror is a supreme celestial weapon of the Heaven and Earth, the essence of ten thousands of fires. If its power is harnessed properly and combine with the “Eight Savage Inferno Formation” that you have seen in the Inferno Altar, it has the rare might to destroy Heaven and Earth.”

She smiled, looked at Ghost Li, said, “Even if it is so, you still want to return it to me?”

Ghost Li looked indifferently at that treasure in her hand, was silent for a moment, unhurriedly turned over and quietly said, “What do I want it for, why do I want to destroy Heaven and Earth for? What I want, it cannot give me…”

The nine-tailed celestial fox looked at Ghost Li, did not speak for a long time, her eyes as deep as water.

Suddenly, she laughed, with three hundred years of vicissitudes and sorrow.

“Well said, well said!”

Ghost Li looked at her, even though she had a smile but desolation was in her eyes.

“These three hundred years, I never see daylight in the Inferno Altar, I have thought countless times, what made me lost my mind to go steal this Inferno Mirror? These three hundred years, if I had spent it happily with my family, how wonderful that would be…”

She laughed loudly, her gentle beautiful face full of grief, she raised her hand and threw the Inferno Mirror back.

Ghost Li caught it and was stunned, he said, “This is what your clan exchanged for using their lives, how can you…”

The nine-tailed celestial fox slowly ceased laughing, the anguish in her eyes were deeper, quietly, faintly she said, “What do I want it for?”

Ghost Li subconsciously tightened his hand over the Inferno Mirror, felt the faint warm radiating from it. After a moment he said, “You have been imprisoned by FenXiang Valley for three hundred years, don’t you want to seek revenge?”

The nine-tailed celestial fox indifferently said, “Yes, of course I wanted. I have thought about it every moment in these three hundred years. But after I had escaped and until now, facing this night scene, vast sky and earth, suddenly I didn’t have the urge to seek revenge anymore.”

She looked far out, in the vast Heaven and Earth, she smiled and said, “These few hundred years of time, I had actually wasted it on this nonsensical magical weapon. Now let me spend some comfortable days in this mortal world before deciding.”

Ghost Li kept quiet, said, “Then maybe you will still need it in the future, beside Inferno Mirror was after all your son’s…”

The nine-tailed celestial fox smiled sweetly, said, “Xiao Liu? Didn’t he give you this thing? Beside…” She appraised Ghost Li, said, “You are using the Sinister Orb and Soul-Devouring, such sinister and deadly things as magical weapon, the evil power had seeped deep into your body. From what I see, if not for the Inferno Mirror’s pure Yang energy helping you to resist, most likely you would have long lost your conscious and turned insane and savage. If you give it to me, what about yourself?”

Ghost Li’s body shook, his pupils shrank slightly, looked at the nine-tailed celestial fox.

The nine-tailed celestial fox smiled faintly, said, “You don’t have to look at me like that, old woman like me who have live for a few thousands of years naturally will know more.”

Ghost Li felt somehow embarrassed, frowned and eventually kept the Inferno Mirror.

The nine-tailed celestial fox smoothed Xiao Hui’s head, still could not help but glance at Ghost Li, said, “Right now the evil energy in your body has already penetrated too deep, even though your own skills are high and with the Inferno Mirror suppressing it, the evil power of the Sinister Orb and Soul-Devouring demonic energy did not dare to occur frequently but I guess you must have suffered the torment frequently and you are gradually turning more blood-lust, is that right?”

Ghost Li right now facing the thousand-year old evil fox spirit transformed into this gentle lady, did not dare to belittle, although a bit hesitant but after a while, he still nodded.

The nine-tailed celestial fox sighed and said, “In my view, you can live till today with the Sinister Orb and Soul-Devouring, it is already an unusual thing. But if you still wish to live peacefully in the future, I will advise you to quickly throw this number one evil object in the world away.”

Ghost Li was expressionless, slowly raised his hand, the black Soul-Absorbing stick appeared in his hand, the black body mixed with faint blood lines, quietly lay on his palm.

That familiar icy feeling already formed part of his body, travelled slowly in his body.

“The number one evil object in the world which you mentioned, has saved me countless of times!” Ghost Li said, “You said I can only live peacefully if I throw it away but you do not know if I do not have it, I cannot even survive until today.”

He raised his head and looked at nine-tailed celestial fox, his eyes cold, said, “And, you are wrong about one thing.”

The nine-tailed celestial fox looked at him, smiled and said, “What?”

Ghost Li said, “You said it is the world’s number one evil object, actually it is not.”

The nine-tailed celestial fox frowned and said, “What did you say?”

Ghost Li coldly, without any feelings at all, said, “The most evil object in the world, is not it, it is…” he used his hand, pointed to his heart, coldly said,

“Human heart!”

The nine-tailed celestial fox was astonished.

That man in the night scene, expressionlessly turned over. The night breeze still carrying the hot air blew over from afar, brushed past their clothes. Somehow his figure suddenly looked especially desolated.

The nine-tailed celestial fox quietly looked at him, after a long while, sighed softly, her voice faint, she muttered something but nobody could hear what she said.

Just when she turned around and was about to walk off, not willing to interrupt Ghost Li, Ghost Li suddenly spoke behind her, “Senior, you are experienced and knowledgeable, I have an important matter and please you have to enlighten me.”

The nine-tailed celestial fox was slightly surprised, turned and saw Ghost Li already facing her, as if reliving something, his face revealed his emotions, hope, yearning and even, an indistinct fear!

“What do you want to ask?”

“A girl, ten years ago used her body’s blood essence to form a powerful curse and then forced her three souls and seven mortal forms to conjure...a powerful magical force. But just when her souls were about to be scattered, a magical weapon with her, ‘HeHuan Bell’, captured one of her soul and therefore until today, the girl’s body was not destroy or dead but she is totally unconscious. Senior you, your knowledge and experience are vast and rich, is there any way to save her?”

Until the last words, Ghost Li actually started to tremble.

The nine-tailed celestial fox looked at this man, her eyes gleamed with much gentleness, after a moment, she firmly nodded and said, “There is a way!”


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