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Chapter 133 - Farewell

Seven Mile Cave, Miao tribe Altar.

A new day, even the sunlight shining onto the altar platform seemed to give off a completely brand new smell, Ghost Li and Xiao Bai stood on the platform outside the altar located halfway up in the mountain, looking down at the land at the foot of the mountain which had been devastated by battle and fire.

Destroyed buildings and ruins could be seen everywhere, the Miao people walking in and out, looking at it from the vantage point up above, they resembled ants working hard for their homes, Xiao Bai sighed, turned and looked at Ghost Li, “You better think twice, the evil monster in the ten thousands great mountains is not that easy to deal with!”

Ghost Li’s countenance without changing, spoke, “I am not even afraid of death, what else is there to fear?”

Xiao Bai shrugged her shoulders, gave a slight wry smile and shook her head, just at this moment, a sound of [zhi zhi] was heard, both of them turned and it was Xiao Hui who was running over. However, there was something strange with its gait, the next moment, both of their eyes at the same time unexpectedly came to the monkey’s hands, each was carrying a big bag and it was the bag that the Miaos had used to store their liquor.

Ghost Li stunned for a while, turned slowly to Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai laughed and said, “Don’t look at me, I don’t know about this.”

Xiao Hui, very quickly came near, looking at its expression, it was greatly different from its master and Xiao Bai’s heavy moods, it was clearly very excited and could not stop grinning, the faint wine fragrance wafted out from the two big bags in its hands. The two bags looked bulging, seemed like both were filled up to the brim, very much different from the leftover small bags from the liquor contest a few days ago.

The previous day while Ghost Li, Xiao Bai and the great shaman were discussing the details, the monkey Xiao Hui was really bored in the dark altar, the monkey’s nature was active, how could it bear it and so quietly slipped out, at that time Ghost Li’s heart was heavy, surprised and delighted emotions ran through him and so did not sense Xiao Hui’s leaving.

Xiao Hui for some reason, recalled the wonderful wine it had drank previously and had a strong urge to drink, so it slipped down the mountain to the Seven Mile Cave. After the devastating battle, the Miao’s homes were destroyed and the people while hard at work, did not pay attention to Xiao Hui who after all looked just to be a grey-furred monkey, after a few searches, the monkey found two big bags of unopened strong liquor in the rubbles.

Xiao Hui hid the two bags of wine somewhere secret for the night and early this morning, when they were about to set off, the monkey then ran and dragged these two bags out, clearly it planned to enjoy them along the journey.

Just that when it saw its master and Xiao Bai facial expressions, Xiao Hui felt uncertain, its monkey eyes opened wide and looked at these two people, after a while, Xiao Bai covered her mouth and laughed lightly, spoke to Ghost Li, “Forget it, you have already promised the Miao on such a big matter, even if taking...erm, taking two of their wine bags, it is also no big deal!”

Before she finished her words, she herself started to laugh, Ghost Li shook his head, slowly turned and left, leaving Xiao Hui with its big eyes, looking at Xiao Bai then at Ghost Li, its hand placed a bag down and scratched its head, looked bewildered.

Deep inside the altar, the Miao tribe leader Tu MaGu and the great shaman sat facing each other, there was no one else.

Tu MaGu kept quiet for a long while, the great shaman also did not speak, the air carried a stifling atmosphere, finally, Tu MaGu’s face changed, it seemed like he could not bear it and said, “Great shaman, you are so severely injured, why must you go with these two Central Plains people?”

The great shaman gently sighed and said, “I have just explained to you.”

Tu MaGu hatefully said, “Li tribe stole our sacred weapon, we must get it back even if it means our lives, why must we seek outsider’s help?”

The great shaman shook his head and said, “You are wrong.”

Tu MaGu was stunned, said, “What?”

The great shaman paused then quietly said, “If it is really the Li tribe who stole our sacred weapon, I would not be this worried, I am only afraid...ai!”

Tu MaGu bewildered, said, “Great shaman, what do you mean?”

The great shaman said, “Do you still remember the Evil Beast legend that is passed down to each generation?”

Tu MaGu’s countenance changed greatly, said in shock, “Don’t tell me that the legend is true?”

The great shaman laughed bitterly and said, “It has always been true, at that time when Ling Long Lady sacrificed herself to seal the Evil Beast in the Subdue Devil Cave and her last wishes for her people to never allow the five Evil Beast sacred weapons to return again to the cave, but today, the five sacred weapons have all already lost, I’m afraid that it is really the sign that the Evil Beast is going to be revived.”

Tu MaGu’s face showed a mix of emotions, he as the Miao tribe leader, naturally knew the gravity of this legend but after a long time, he still could not help it but said, “Great shaman, as such with this situation, all the more you cannot leave, what if...with you around, our tribe people will feel safer.”

The great shaman quietly shook his head, said, “This old life of mine probably only have not more than thirty days of time.”

Tu MaGu’s body shook greatly.

The great shaman sighed and said, “Actually how would I be willing to leave, once I leave on this trip, most likely I will die in a foreign land. But now that the five tribes are divided and breaking up within themselves, people with talent have completely dwindled down, in the event that my predictions are true then no one will be able to deal with the danger. That Central Plains young man although is still young but he possesses unusual skills and that black stick with him, has a strong murderous aura and evil energy, it is something I have never seen before. But the most important instead is…”

He glanced meaningfully at Tu MaGu, lowered his voice, whispered, “The most important thing is that the object which is said to contain thousands of fire essences ‘Inferno Mirror’, is with him.”

Tu MaGu was shocked, said, “What, isn’t that object at FenXiang…”

The great shaman signaled with his eyes, Tu MaGu understood and stopped his sentence but the shock in his eyes, never reduced.

The great shaman unhurriedly said, “That day when I first met him, the Dog Deity statue behind me showed unusual signs, the holy fire also displayed warnings and the two Evil Beast sacred weapons, Black Staff and Jade Bone, were also agitated, if it was not the supreme object, Inferno Mirror, that repressed the Evil Beast then there was no others. As for how did FenXiang Valley lose this holy object, that I do not know.”

Tu MaGu did not speak.

The great shaman paused for a while and continued, “And then later on in my speech, I deliberately mentioned the history of the Inferno Mirror, both were as expected shocked, especially when Eight Savage Inferno Formation was mentioned, both of their expressions changed greatly, I guessed that they must have intricate relationship with this magical weapon and formation.”

Tu MaGu heaved a long sigh, evidently those words were definitely not what he had expected.

The great shaman faintly said, “You too know, the legend that is passed on for generations in our Miao tribe, only the Inferno Mirror and Eight Savage Inferno Formation can repressed the Evil Beast, now let’s not say that the Inferno Mirror is not with us, even if we were to snatch it from the young man, I’m afraid nobody can wield it, and that unfathomable enigmatic Eight Savage Inferno Formation, even less so. So, under such circumstances, that young man is really our southern border people’s only hope, even if I were to die in a foreign land, I must go with him, I only hope before I die, I can save his friend’s life, hoping that with this small amount of gratitude, he would help our Miao tribe.”

Tu MaGu’s lips quivered, the deep wrinkles on his aged face, without realizing, tears trickled down. He faced the great shaman, slowly bend his body down, his head pressed onto the cold floor.

The great shaman smiled, his expression also looked melancholy, said, “After I am gone, all of you do not have to worry for me, if that young man is sincere, I guess he will send my body back home. The affairs here will all have to depend on you.”

Tu MaGu did not raise his head, his voice low and slightly hoarse, said, “Great shaman, please do not worry.”

The great shaman faintly said, “This trip of mine, the most only amounts to a death and don’t really mean anything. But you in the southern border, the forthcoming days would be turbulent, the other four tribes do not know the height of heavens or the depth of the earth, after watching our Miao tribe fall from power, most likely they would take advantage of the situation; And in the ten thousands great mountains, the Evil Beast could revive at anytime, great calamities are imminent, you shoulder great responsibilities, you yourself must also take care.”

Tu MaGu clenched his teeth, acknowledged.

The great shaman slowly stood up, looked around and suddenly said, “If the situation really becomes desperate, although the Seven Mile Cave is where our Miao generations reside but it is not that we cannot abandon it, as long as our people are around, there is hope in the future.”

Tu MaGu’s face paled a few degrees, slowly said, “Yes.”

The great shaman heaved a long sigh, unhurriedly walked out.

When that stooped figure, assisted by Tu MaGu, following Ghost Li and Xiao Bai, walked down from the mountain, not many noticed.

But following the sounds of footsteps, the great shaman figure which had not appeared in the streets of Seven Mile Cave for unknown number of years, finally caught the Miao’s people attention, following a sound of delightful exclamation, more and more Miao people stopped what they were doing and gathered over.

The great shaman smiling, waving continuously to the surrounding Miaos but he never stopped, walked straight to the exit of the Seven Mile Cave.

Finally, the Miaos slowly sensed something was not right, within the crowd, some started to shouted loudly in Miao language, Ghost Li and Xiao Bai although did not understand but presumably they knew what they were shouting.

The great shaman’s face looked melancholy, on the face that showed the vicissitudes of life, his smile gradually disappeared and replacing it, was clearly sorrow.

Just that he still remained silent.

Just only waving.

Slowly walking further.

Tu MaGu also stopped his footsteps, standing in front of the people, silently watching that hunched figure.

By now the cries of alarm and sobbings from the crowd had already reached an intensity, many were shocked and confused and many more had already started to kneel in the direction where that elder was gradually heading.

Ghost Li who was walking behind the great shaman, silently glanced towards the elder and realized that on the aged elder’s face, tears were already streaming down.

Finally, they reached the pass leading out of the mountain valley, the cries behind them had already resounded throughout the entire valley.

The elder’s body started to tremble, suddenly, he turned around abruptly, once again, gazed upon this land, this valley, this stretch of sky…

The Miaos at a distance cried out in surprise, many exultingly jumped up from the ground.

Then, the next moment, the great shaman closed his eyes tightly, as if he wanted to imprint everything that was on this land into his heart, his eyebrows knitted tightly and once again, turned back.

The valley, suddenly turned silent.

Numerous eyes, seemed to be shouting silently behind!

The great shaman’s face twitched slightly, slowly, slowly he stepped forward, disappeared into the tunnel.

In the Seven Mile Cave, silence descended.

After a very long while, someone made the first cry and the next moment, weeping sounds of grief resounded in the entire valley.

Ten thousands great mountains.

Traversing the black forest and again crossing the seven treacherous mountain ranges, there was a lofty mountain that was shrouded perpetually in black gas and with Yin cold wind whistling throughout. And in this barren, stripped clean mountain without a single tree and grass, there was a big cave, the entrance had a height of three zhangs, width of five, Yin cold winds constantly whistling out from it, mixed with sharp strange sounds, as if there was a furious spirit howling incessantly.

In the centre of the cave entrance, a statue stood upright, like the size of a real human, it looked to be a beautiful lady, facing into the Subdue Devil Cave, silently standing. The unceasing whistling Yin cold wind constantly blowing onto the statue, emitting deep sounds, like in a storm, that fragile wooden plank shielding against the wind and rain.

Just that, she would never retreat!

A black-attired evil shaman, right now was standing before this statue, quietly staring.

That ferocious dragon beside him seemed to be especially fearful of this statue, subconsciously stood at a distance, sneaked one glance around, called out once, stretched its feet and ran up towards the lofty mountain and in a short while, disappeared into the black air.

The bone-chilling Yin wind ruffled the evil shaman’s black clothes, in this desolate scenery, this person also gradually appeared to be an illusion, carrying a trace of surreal.

He gazed on like that, for a very very long time, until even Jin PingEr also started to suspect if this person in black had also turned into a statue.

With luck escaping from that black forest and at the same time unexpectedly discovering a deeply-embedded Kill-the-living knife in the cliff under that enormous rock, made Jin PingEr surmised that the great general Kill-the-living Monk of Ghost King Sect actually made it here before her?

But even though the Kill-the-living knife was here, Kill-the-living Monk was not seen, weapon without its owner, the danger could be deduced easily, most likely Kill-the-living Monk had met with a mishap. In the ten thousands great mountains, it was really great danger in every step.

However even after Jin PingEr deliberated over it, she still continued to stalk the evil shaman. She knew that the evil shaman possessed unusual skills and so along the way was even more careful, not once did she dare to be careless and never went near that black-clothed monster and that dragon, in addition the evil shaman most probably assumed the stalker who was pursuing him had already died in the black forest and so did not detect Jin PingEr behind him, and like that Jin PingEr followed him to this entrance of the Subdue Devil Cave.

Right now Jin PingEr crouched behind one of the small hill, watching that black figure from a distance, she could not help but start to wonder if this black-clothed person was planning to stand before this female statue forever?

Ever since after they arrived at the Subdue Devil Cave until now, the evil shaman had been staring at that female statue and unmoving for more than eight hours.

Just when Jin PingEr was about to close her eyes and sleep due to boredom, the evil shaman’s figure finally moved. Jin PingEr immediately became alert and quickly watched carefully.

That evil shaman seemed, after a long period of contemplation, or maybe struggle, finally made up his mind, facing that female statue, he quietly bend and respectfully bowed.

From afar, Jin PingEr watched that shaman, while facing the statue, he seemed to mutter something but as the distance was too great, she could not hear a word, following which, the shaman unhurriedly turned and drifted into the cave.

Jin PingEr frowned tightly, the bewilderment in her heart grew even bigger, that ancient cave obviously contained some important secret and very likely this was the location where the mysterious figure was whom was mentioned in the conversation between ShangGuan Ce and the evil shaman. But in this deserted place, barren hill wild water, why would there be a female statue here and erected just right in the centre of this stone cave entrance?

And looking at how that evil shaman behaved towards the statue, clearly he had close relations with it and most likely an obscured past.

Just when Jin PingEr watched as the evil shaman was about to disappear into the cave, she decided to sneak over and take a good look at that statue when suddenly the evil shaman stopped.

Jin PingEr was shocked, she thought her cover was exposed in her haste and regretted immediately, while she was panicking, she discovered that the evil shaman did not even turn his head over at her direction and did not seem to have detect her.

She then felt relieved and quickly concealed herself, peeped out again and looked towards the cave entrance.

What she saw made her almost could not believe her eyes.

In front of the female statue, in the Subdue Devil Cave entrance, a mass of white air suddenly appeared, contrasting greatly against the black air and the Yin cold wind. The evil shaman also stopped, quietly watching the mass of white air.

The white air grew bigger and formed into a human figure, looking from Jin PingEr’s direction, it was a tall broad man, his right hand holding a gigantic sword, his left hand holding a big shield. His body was made up completely of the white air, wavering in the Yin cold wind but his body movements as well as his facial expression, were clearly discernible.

Jin PingEr was stunned beyond words, after a long pause she drew a breath of cold air and mumbled to herself, “What a good apparition!”

She after all came from the Evil Sect and knew a few things about ghosts and demons: Passed down since ancient times, humans give birth, age and die, only spirits remained, when a human dies, the spirit leaves the body, to reincarnate, life after life, endless cycle. And in the world, avenging spirits existed, with greed, anger, infatuation three poisonous causes, with fear, vice, afraid phobia causes, lingering in the world, holding onto their previous lives, unwilling to reincarnate, known as ‘spirits’.

When Ghost Li was still Qing Yun Sect junior disciple Zhang Xiao Fan, together with Lu XueQi dropped into KongSang Mountain Thousand Bats Ancient Cave’s Forsaken Abyss, in that heartless sea shore, they encountered numerous spirits. However those spirits were mortal spirits and were killed by Blood Forger Hall, unable to reincarnate, normal people encountering them expectedly would be killed but to the cultivated people, those were not powerful evildoers so at that time although Zhang Xiao Fan and Lu XueQi’s skills were still undeveloped therefore they were able to sustain for some time.

The spirit that Jin PingEr saw, was not those ordinary apparitions but was the legendary rare ‘fierce spirit’. This type of spirit was most likely cultivated highly-skilled people when they were alive and after they were dead, because of some deep indignation or foolish thoughts, actually gave up reincarnation and rather stay guard over certain objects, became a desolate wild ghost, drifting in this Yang world.

This type of fierce spirit, their skills were already high and including other-worldly powers they possessed after death, were even more ferocious, ordinary cultivators were not their match at all and it could be said to be one in a thousand vicious apparition. Just that cultivators usually view reincarnation more seriously than common people and few would relinquish it, hence the reason for the rarity of fierce spirits, this time Jin PingEr unexpectedly saw one, she was indeed really shocked.

However looking over there, that evil shaman seemed not to be shocked, facing this fierce spirit blocking his path, he only unhurriedly looked up.

The fierce spirit’s body was tall and broad, almost blocking the entire entrance, the evil shaman facing this spirit which resembled a war deity, suddenly sighed.

“You are finally willing to come out and see me?” He faintly said.

The fierce spirit coldly watched him, his white air and the black shaman’s black clothes, like two extremities that could never reconcile.

“You this traitor who has forsaken lady, what right do you have that you dare say those words?”

The evil shaman seemed to tremble, the one who was always so enigmatic actually seemed to be in pain over this one sentence.

He looked at that furious face, after a long time, still remained silent, slowly lowered his head.


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